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Manhattan Gynecomastia Surgeon: Dr. Arnold Breitbart

Although not often discussed, many adult men estimated at approximately half the adult population have breasts similar to women to a certain degree. This can cause a lot of self-consciousness for such men especially in public situations such as locker rooms, pools, and beach settings. Hence, gynecomastia or breast reduction surgery for men has surged in popularity. For patients in Manhattan, gynecomastia surgeon Dr. Arnold Breitbart performs gynecomastia to reduce breast size by removing excess skin and fatty tissue from the breast area, resulting in a firmer chest that is flatter with a more masculine appearance and stronger contours.

In Manhattan, gynecomastia patients are generally men who desire better contours and a more masculine torso. Ideal candidates have realistic expectations for the outcome of surgery and have elastic skin. Men that use steroids or are heavy smokers or drinkers or are obese are not good candidates for surgery. Also patients should have first tried to address the issue by weight loss and exercise and only if this has limited success, then should they proceed to surgery in Manhattan. Gynecomastia has certain risks such as possible infection, bleeding, scarring, and skin injury. Hence, it is important to select a physician that is qualified, certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In Manhattan, gynecomastia surgeon Dr. Breitbart is both highly qualified and known for his caring bedside manner, making his patients comfortable every step of the way.
To begin the process in Manhattan, gynecomastia patients first have a consultation with Dr. Breitbart. In Manhattan, gynecomastia surgeon Dr. Breitbart meets with patients to discuss their concerns, goals, medical history, and current health status prior to surgery. After the initial consultation in Manhattan, gynecomastia patients follow the guidelines provided by Dr. Breitbart to prepare themselves for surgery. In Manhattan, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Breitbart conducts gynecomastia at accredited surgical centers or at outpatient facilities of the major hospitals that he is affiliated with. For patients in Manhattan, gynecomastia surgery takes approximately two hours but they should plan for longer for anesthesia and pre and post surgery care. Surgery begins with an incision, followed by fat and tissue removal from the breast and areola region.

In Manhattan, gynecomastia surgeon Dr. Breitbart takes every precaution necessary to ensure minimal scarring and inconspicuous incisions whenever possible. After the excess fat and tissue is removed for patients in Manhattan, gynecomastia surgeon Dr. Breitbart then carefully replaces the skin with sutures, applying surgical dressing, and wrapping the chest carefully to hold the skin firmly in place. Within a month, patients can return to normal activities and enjoy the long-lasting results from surgery.

About Dr. Breitbart

  • Double Board Certified with 30 years experience
  • 5-Star Rating from hundreds of online Patient Reviews
  • Honored repeatedly by Castle Connolly as one of the top plastic surgeons in NYC
  • Named by Newsday as one of the top plastic surgeons on Long Island
  • Featured in Glamour, Allure, Self, Newsday and NBC news
  • Graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University
  • Medical degree from NYU School of Medicine

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