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In NYC, Rhinoplasty Surgery Grows in Popularity

For many people in NYC, rhinoplasty has become an appealing option to improve the proportions of the nose, enhancing its appearance and overall facial harmony. Others turn to rhinoplasty after an accident or injury that altered the nasal structure.
Patients who have received rhinoplasty surgery often report increased self-confidence. Depending on the desired outcome, rhinoplasty NYC surgeon Dr. Breitbart offers tailored recommendations to patients.

Considering Rhinoplasty? NYC Surgeon Consults First

Different patients have different needs. Rhinoplasty surgery can alter the nose size in proportion to other facial aspects; the nose width; the shape or direction of the nostrils; the nasal tip; symmetry; and deviation. Some patients have visible depressions or humps on their nose and request surgery to remove these facial aspects.
NYC rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Breitbart consults at length with patients about their medical history, desired outcomes and lifestyle prior to surgery in order to provide the best care. Patients in good physical health who have realistic expectations of outcomes are ideal candidates for rhinoplasty. NYC cosmetic surgeon Dr. Breitbart also may conduct medical tests on patients prior to surgery.

NYC Rhinoplasty Surgeon Dr. Breitbart

The procedures for rhinoplasty surgery in NYC are universal. However, the choice of doctor makes a substantial difference for the comfort of the patient and also the final outcome of surgery. The first step in rhinoplasty surgery involves receiving anesthesia. Incisions are then made inside the nose. After incisions are made, the tissues of the nose are accessed, enabling Dr. Breitbart to skillfully reshape the nose structure and perform the rhinoplasty. NYC surgeon Dr. Breitbart sculpts the nose to a desirable shape and then repositions the nasal skin.
Your doctor may perform additional incisions to alter the size of the nostrils. Patients are advised to rest after surgery for rhinoplasty. NYC patients of Dr. Breitbart follow up in the office within a week. Although the nasal improvement is evident within a week, some swelling occurs for the first few weeks after rhinoplasty. NYC patients will see changes over time as the nasal contours refine over the next year.

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) Educational Video

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