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Face Lift NYC Specialist Dr. Breitbart Also Offers Rhinoplasty

In several cases, enhancing the facial appearance whether it involves reshaping the contours of the face or neck, involves having a face lift. NYC cosmetic surgeon Dr. Breitbart has many patients who choose a face lift in conjunction with other surgical procedures such as nose jobs.
NYC patients initially meet with Dr. Breitbart to discuss at length their goals for surgery. It is important that patients have realistic expectations and are in good physical health prior to any cosmetic procedure.

Considering a Face lift? NYC Surgeon Dr. Breitbart can Help

As people age, they naturally lose skin elasticity and tone. The skin often develops wrinkles and sags, losing buoyancy, giving the face a tired and hagged appearance. You can dramatically improve appearance that adds vitality and youthfulness to enhance the facial appearance with a face lift. NYC surgeon Dr. Breitbart provides cosmetic surgery procedures that restore youthfulness. Patients may often request additional procedures such as nose jobs. NYC surgeons like Dr. Breitbart initially consults with patients at length to determine their needs.
Face Lift NYC surgeon Dr. Breitbart can also masterfully reshape neck contours using the latest surgical techniques such as SmartLipo Triplex™. SmartLipo is an effective laser treatment used to liquefy and remove the fat and tighten the skin of the neck with or without a face lift. NYC surgeon Dr. Breitbart can perform a face lift along with other liposuction or surgery such as nose jobs. NYC patients of Dr. Breitbart meet to discuss medical history prior to surgery for a face lift. NYC surgeon Dr. Breitbart may also recommend a patient takes medical tests prior to a face lift. NYC surgeon Dr. Breitbart is board-certified. It is also important to have excellent care to ensure healing after a face lift. NYC patients of Dr. Breitbart can benefit from his excellent bedside manner and post-surgical care.

From Face Lifts to Nose Jobs

NYC patients who desire a face lift and/or a nose job can benefit significantly from treatment by Dr. Arnold Breitbart. Dr. Breitbart offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Breitbart has extensive experience working with patients, performing liposuction and nose jobs. NYC rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Breitbart is well known for his aesthetic mastery.
For patients who desire nose jobs, NYC cosmetic specialist Dr. Breitbart is preferred for his extensive experience, skill and bedside manner. In addition to addressing cosmetic concerns via nose jobs, NYC patients also consider surgery to correct breathing irregularities caused by abnormalities in the nose such as a deviated septum. Self-confidence also improves after having nose jobs. NYC patients vary in their needs.

About Dr. Breitbart

  • Double Board Certified with 30 years experience
  • 5-Star Rating from hundreds of online Patient Reviews
  • Honored repeatedly by Castle Connolly as one of the top plastic surgeons in NYC
  • Named by Newsday as one of the top plastic surgeons on Long Island
  • Featured in Glamour, Allure, Self, Newsday and NBC news
  • Graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University
  • Medical degree from NYU School of Medicine

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