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Thigh Lift

Arnold Breitbart, M.D., offers thigh lift to patients with excess skin of their thighs, typically as a result of weight loss or the natural effects of aging.

With two fully equipped facilities in New York City and Long Island, Dr. Breitbart provides thigh lift surgery to remove excess skin from both the thighs and buttocks.

Thigh Lift Procedure

To reshape the contours of the inner thigh, Dr. Breitbart will typically make an incision in the groin crease, and achieve an inner thigh lift by removing skin excess and tightening the inner thigh. Outer thigh tightening can be achieved as part of a lower body lift. In both types of procedures, incisions are strategically placed so that any scarring after surgery will be as inconspicuous as possible, even when wearing a bathing suit.

Recovery from Thigh Lift

Patients should plan to spend approximately two weeks recovering from thigh lift surgery before returning to work and should not vigorously exercise for a month following the procedure.

If you are considering surgery to shape, define, and tone your thighs, contact Dr. Arnold Breitbart today to schedule a consultation for thigh lift surgery.

Thigh lift FAQs

Thigh Lift FAQs

How long does thigh lift surgery take?

Thigh lift surgery takes approximately two to three hours to complete. The surgery can be performed either as an outpatient surgery procedure, or in the hospital with an overnight stay.

Where are the incisions made?

Incisions are usually made within the groin crease area to minimize scarring. In some patients with more substantial skin excess, a longitudinal incision along the inner thigh may be necessary to achieve optimal contour.

How long does it take to recover?

Typically, patients need a minimum of ten days and it is advisable to rest for two weeks before resuming work. Patients should avoid strenuous exercise for a period of one month following the procedure.

Are the results long-lasting?

The results are typically long lasting as long as the person maintains a healthy weight. You can enjoy shapely and slimmer thighs with improved contours and definition.